How to buy Block Sailor (BLOCK) Token

"Unlock the future with Block Sailor - where innovation meets and every coin is a catalyst for change. Join the revolution" let's redefine wealth together!

The Block Sailor Token is a community-driven, fair-launched DeFi Token. Three simple functions occur during each trade: Reflection, LP Acquisition, and Burn.

If you already have BNB/ETH/USDT/USDC/DAI ,You can skip this step.If you don't have follow this steps

1. Download Metamask or Trust Wallet or any other wallet that supports Binance Smart Chain (BSC) (Recomended Metamask or trust wallet)

2. Create a wallet and save your seed phrase in a safe place.

3. Add Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to your wallet.

4. Buy some BNB, You can Buy BNB from any exchanges that have BNB (BEP20) , You can easily buy BNB from Binance Exchange or Binance App that can be found on Apple or Google Playstore

5.You will able to see Binance P2P section where you will able to trade Your Local currencies to BNB

6. Send BNB to your wallet.

Next section will show you 2 methods of buying BLOCK Token

If you have any questions, please join our telegram group and ask the community.

You can also send mail if you have any query or alternative payment method .

Mail : [email protected] (founder)

Mail : [email protected] (Community Admin)

Metamask Method

Trust Wallet Method

Coinbase Wallet Method

Manual Method

1. Go to and click on buy now , enter amount , click on Send Manual

2. Copy the address for sending BNB

3. Send BNB from your wallet or any exchange

4. Add BLOCK to your wallet

5. You will receive your BLOCK tokens in your wallet instantly

Metamask/Trust Wallet/Others

1. Go to and click on Buy now and connect Wallet

2. Enter the amount of BNB you want to swap for BLOCK

3. Click the confirm buy button

4. Confirm the transaction

5. Wait for the transaction to complete

6. You will receive your BLOCK tokens in your wallet

7. Add BLOCK to your wallet

How to add BLOCK Token in Wallet

In order to add BLOCK Token your wallet you must follow these steps.

1.Copy the smart contract


Copy Token Address


1. Go to your wallet and click on import token

2. Click on custom token and paste the smart contract address and click next

3. Click on add token and You will able to see your BLOCK Token in your wallet

Trust Wallet

1. Go to your wallet and click on Manage Crypto

2. On the Manage crypto section you will able to see add token icon, click on the icon

3.Paste the smart contract and select Binance smart chain as nettwork and then click import

4. You will able to see your BLOCK Token in your wallet

Buy Some BNB from Binance or any exchange

Open your Binance Exchange app or website , then click on More

Here you will able to see P2P Option Click on the P2P option.

Change to USDT or BNB and also change the currency you want to trade with you will able to see list of P2P , choose one of them and trade your Local currency with BNB or USDT

Complete your purchase USDT or BNB , if you buy usdt you can swap them to BNB and then send to your metamask,trust wallet or directly buy BLOCK Token from exchange by sending BNB from exchange to our website ( Manual Method)

Swap other Crypto to BNB

If you have other cryptocurrency such as BTC,LTC,XRP or others you can use to swap Other Crypto to BNB BEP20

Once you swap Other Crypto to BNB you can continue with metamask or trustwallet method to buy BLOCK token or send BNB using manual Method to get BLCOK Token


You can send fund to the following addresses if you would like to send another kind of currency, like bitcoin, USDT, or another type.

Bitcoin : bc1q2lymtpuhfk9zfamr56wh94l7sv2y63p4v0tw2w

USDT : 0x856C66660F69a47cB527F27A24310f958A1589E4

ETH : 0x856C66660F69a47cB527F27A24310f958A1589E4

BNB : 0x856C66660F69a47cB527F27A24310f958A1589E4

LTC : ltc1q8ghfsgvkqe2d7jj2kfqktsmkrhg4fjwkjg4sg4

In order to receive your Block token, please take a screenshot after sending and send an email to [email protected] with your wallet address. In about six hours, we will execute and send the BLOCK token.